Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bonuan Bangus Products

In Dagupan City, Bonuan bangus is very popular anywhere in the country of Philippines. They say the Bonuan bangus has its unique taste that it is better than the rest and people look for it in there market place. When they go to the market they will ask “Saan galing itong bangus?” or “galing ba ito ng Dagupan?”. We know that there are other places in the region that produces bangus but for some reasons Dagupan is very popular with it.

Bangus products of Dagupan City are already known in the country and the very popular is the boneless bangus. There are lots of witnesses who can say that the Dagupan boneless bangus is delicious. Bangus can be cook in different ways. During the Bangus Festival (April 1 – May 1) there is a cooking competition in “101 Ways to Cook Bangus”.

Infinity processed bangus is already brought to different places in the Philippines by our friends and then spread out. We send our products through bus liner that our clients will pick it up in the bus station when it arrives. Our product is also brought in the other country by the Filipinos who work abroad.

We are hoping that our aquatic resources continue to grow and be taken cared. There are lots of people who support themselves in this industry. And this is one of the resources where we get our food.


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