Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No Fish Kills In Dagupan City

To our beloved customers, we know that you are worrying about the news of fish kill in the province of Pangasinan. We give confidence to our customers not to worry about our processed bangus products and all the bangus products coming from Dagupan City.

Dagupan City is not affected by the fish kills. The government of Dagupan City cleans their rivers with fish cages and it is very far to be affected by fish kill. Based on our experienced fish kill happens when a fish cage is over crowded and the fish are lacking of oxygen in the water. When the amount of fish in a fish cage is not well monitored when the bangus (milkfish) grows up it can be possible that they will lack for oxygen.

During the year Dagupan City’s bangus products are taken from fish pond where in the number of fish is monitored to avoid the said circumstance. When it comes to some visitor selling their fish in Dagupan City, the government of Dagupan is taking action in this situation that they are very strict to accept fish from other regions. Fisherman’s of Dagupan is well experience to know which fish is good and not good.

Here are some tips to know a fresh bangus:
  • Look at the eyes of the fish it should be clear and bright.
  • The gills (hasang) of bangus should be rich red colored.
  • You can also notice the lips of bangus which is red in color.
  • The body of bangus is not that so soft when you touch it.


Anonymous said...

It is true that Dagupan City is not affected by fish kill but it has an impact for in Dagupan cause by this fish kill.
Here is an article that you can read.

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